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ABADEH Persian Rugs Properties:

Visibility: Newer carpets from ABADEH have a unique design called HEYBATLU. HEYBATLU has a single diamond-shaped medallion in the center and four smaller motifs at each corner and is thus easy to distinguish. The medallion encloses a number of stylized, geometrical animal, flower, and bird patterns. Antique rugs from ABADEH have different designs due to the influence of ARAB and QASHQAI tribes.

Quality:  The quality of ABADEH carpets is good.

Size & Shapes:  ABADEH carpets come in different sizes. The majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet).

Color:  Light red, dark blue, bright green. The corners are usually ivory or white.

Texture:  Wool; thin, very well textured pile.

Foundation:  Warps are cotton; Wefts and pile are wool.

Knots:  Rugs and carpets made in ABADEH are very firm and closely knotted. The majority of The rugs and carpets in ABADEH use flat-woven style knots.

Price:  ABADEH carpets are beautiful and in high demand, making them more expensive than similar carpets from the surrounding area. Expect to pay $3-$15 Per Square Foot (PSF) for a carpet from ABADEH.

Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value 


Typical ABADEH Rugs

Typical ABADEH Persian Rugs

Buy Quality Persian Abadeh Rugs?

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  1. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    5" 0' x 6" 7'

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price: $709.75

  2. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    4" 10' x 6" 10'

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price: $709.75

  3. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    3' 7" x 10' 6"

    Regular Price: $1,240.00

    Special Price: $1,054.00

  4. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    10' 0" x 15' 9"

    Regular Price: $6,800.00

    Special Price: $5,780.00

  5. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    4' 5" x 6' 4"

    Regular Price: $1,340.00

    Special Price: $1,139.00

  6. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    3' 11" x 5' 11"

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price: $845.75

6 Item(s) Show per page

Where is ABADEH?

Southern IRAN - ABADEH

The town of Abadeh is located 638 Kilometers south to TEHRAN. In southern IRAN, on the road from SHIRAZ to ISFAHAN, lies the town of ABADEH.

ABADEH is significant for its location in a mountainous area, on the northern part of the province of pars, which turns its weather to a cold and moderate.

ABADEH has many historical castles.

Marquetry and the making of givehs (light cotton summer shoes), woodcarving, and carpet weaving are major handicrafts.

ABADEH is also the trade center for grain and fruit growing in the region. Sesame oil and castor oil are produced there. ABADEH has a suitable hotel for tourists.

ABADEH Sassanide Fire Temple

ABADEH Sassanide Fire Temple