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ARAK (Sultanabad) Persian Rugs Properties:

Visibility: Carpets from ARAK (Sultanabad) have excellent visibility. ARAK carpets come in a variety of styles and they are among the most gorgeous carpets. They are becoming the most sought after carpet on the western market. ARAK carpets go well with any decor.

Quality: ARAK carpets are of excellent quality.

Size & Shapes: ARAK carpets come in different sizes, but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet). You can also find large rugs up 10 x 18 feet.

Color:  Dark red, blue, soft green and ivory are the principal colors used.

Texture: Soft wool; thin, very well textured pile.

Foundation:  Although not uncommon in older or antique pieces, silk pile and silk foundations are rarely seen in new ARAK carpets. The warp is mostly cotton; the weft either cotton or wool. Most often cotton, but sometimes goat hair is used for the foundation. The wool of the rugs is hand spun, usually from the weaver's own sheep.

Knots:  The rugs are woven using asymmetrical Persian knots. You should check the back of the carpet, because the quality of the carpet depends upon the number of knots, which varies, but averages around 120 KPSI(30 RAJ).

Price: There are many different grades of rugs made in this region, ranging from medium to fine. Carpets and rugs from ARAK are beautiful and there is very high demand for old ones. They are more expensive than similar carpets from the surrounding area. Expect to pay $5-$12 Per Square Foot (PSF) for a carpet from ARAK.

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Typical Arak Rugs

Typical ARAK(Sultanabad) Persian Rugs

Buy Quality Persian Arak Rugs?

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  1. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    5" 0' x 6" 7'

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price: $709.75

  2. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    4" 10' x 6" 10'

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price: $709.75

  3. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    3' 7" x 10' 6"

    Regular Price: $1,240.00

    Special Price: $1,054.00

  4. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    10' 0" x 15' 9"

    Regular Price: $6,800.00

    Special Price: $5,780.00

  5. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    4' 5" x 6' 4"

    Regular Price: $1,340.00

    Special Price: $1,139.00

  6. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    3' 11" x 5' 11"

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price: $845.75

6 Item(s) Show per page

Where is Arak?

Central IRAN - ARAK

ARAK, founded c.1800 and previously known as Sultanabad, is a center of agricultural trade. The city is also known for its rugs, pottery, metalwork, and carpets. Arak rugs are hand-woven, uniquely beautiful pieces that will enhance any room with their lively colors and warm motifs.

The history of this town is very deep and its commercialized rug weaving industry dates back to the 17th century. Persian civilization initially began weaving rugs about 3500 years ago. Each single item in the pattern of the rugs therefore has a history of being woven in carpets for thousands of years.

Ziegler Rugs of ARAK:

In 1883, ZEIGLER and Co. of Manchester, England, established Persian carpet manufacture in ARAK (SULTANABAD), IRAN, employing designers from major Western department stores, like B. Altman & Co. and Liberty of London, to modify fanciful 16th- and 17th-century Eastern designs for the more restrained Western taste.

Using highly developed dying techniques (which ZEIGLER futilely attempted to copyright) and the best artisans from the region, ZEIGLER created rugs with bold, all-over patterns and with softer palettes than the more vibrant Persian counterparts. ZEIGLER rugs developed an almost immediate following, especially among newly Western industrialists; early collectors included the Guinness family, the owners of the stout-beer manufacture, who laid them in Elveden Hall, their Suffolk, England, estate.

Arak ChaharFasl Public Bath
Arak ChaharFasl Public Bath IRAN