Iranian carpet weavers will weave a carpet for the twentieth round of the world cup soccer which is going to be held in Brazil.

For the carpet design, many patterns such as carved motifs of Pespolise with Brazil’s world cup    symbols, picture of birds, the tree of life Arabesque paintings, and Khataee’s flowers are used.

world cup and carpe

The carpet is designed in 70 knots with the dimensions 150cm x 200cm. Peace and love birds can be seen in the upper margin of the design, and on both side, there are Achaemenian cups in larger size.

 The use of Achaemenian men’s motifs and pillars of Perspolise represents the greatness of Iranian art in this pattern. At the bottom of the carpet is the World Cup soccer stadium with flags of countries and an Eagle’s pattern which is the symbol of Brazil’s World Cup.

world cup and carpet4

The pattern was inspire by a vase pattern which is one of the original motifs of the Iranian carpet.

The Sun IE KARIT company, one of the handmade-carpet union members in Japan, is responsible for the management of the project, and Miss. Mitra Taheri has designed it. It is also going to be woven by master Hossein Kazemi.