An Oriental rug repairs specialist can help you to repair any damages to your item before you try to sell it on. Although authentic handmade rugs are very hardwearing and durable, if you have been displaying the rug on the floor in a family home, it is likely that the rug will have received minor damage, such as tiny holes and dirty marks. This is especially likely if the rug is kept in an area which is used by children or pets, since they are much more likely to accidentally spill things on it, or drag dirt across it unwittingly. Pets' claws are a possible cause of minor damage to rugs, even if your pets are incredibly well behaved.

 Oriental Rug Repair

Even if you have bought a rug as an investment piece and have not been displaying it at all, if you haven't been keeping the rug in suitable conditions, then it could still be damaged. Many people who buy investment pieces keep their rugs in inappropriate conditions, and in some cases, rugs that have been kept in storage actually emerge in worse conditions than rugs which have been lovingly looked after in family homes. Storing rugs in damp conditions can be potentially disastrous for them, and could result in harmful mould growth on the piece, which will not only degrade the fibres of the rug, but will also make the rug smell terrible. Rugs stored in warehouse conditions with other older pieces are also very susceptible to insects which can create tiny holes in the piece. Tiny holes can easily become bigger holes once the integrity of the hole piece has been weakened.

Oriental rug repairs specialists are specially trained to identify and subtly repair any flaws and imperfections which appear in oriental style rugs. Although some of these imperfections may not be noticeable to the untrained eye, if they are noticeable to a repairs specialist, they are the sort of things which will be noticeable to valuation experts and experienced buyers at Oriental rug auctions. If the damage is minor, you should find out whether the cost of repairing them will be more or less than the value that the rug is likely to lose from having these imperfections. In most cases, the higher the value of the rug, the more the value will be decreased by damages and imperfections.

Oriental rug repairs specialists can help you to repair your rug before resale. Find good Oriental rug repair specialists online or in your area. You can get more information at Persian rugs and oriental rugs repair.