Tips For Washing Persian Rugs

Washing Persian rugs can be very tricky. If you do this process incorrectly you can possibly destroy your beautiful Persian carpets. The following are some advice on washing Persian rugs.

washing-persian-rugsThe following tips are meant to be used as a guide only.



  • When washing Persian rugs you must always check the carpet to see if the colors are going to bleed when they are gotten wet. You must do this check in an area of the Persian carpet that is not likely to be easily seen, because you may be about to make the colors bleed into each other.
  • You should never use any harsh cleaners like bleach for washing Persian rugs. You only use mild detergents to clean the fibers of your Persian Rugs.
  • If you have pets urine problem, you should saturate the Persian carpets in water, even if it is simply plain water. You should submerge the rugs and wash the rugs with pets urine removal supplement to make sure all the pets urine removed from Persian rugs.
  • You should make sure the Persian rugs are completely dried before use them on the floor.
  • You should never use a scrub brush on the pile to remove the stain if you have a silk Persian rug. If you have a stain you want a soft cloth, white paper toweling, and possibly a soft bristled tooth brush. Apply your cleanser with the soft cloth. You do this by pressing the dampened cloth into the area and do not rub the area at all. Simply press the wet cloth into the spot and then use the white paper towels to absorb any moisture and pick up the staining agent. Press the paper toweling firmly and repeat the process until no discoloration, or moisture is seen on the towels. If a stain is particularly stubborn you can use the toothbrush to gently separate the fibers in a hope that the staining agent will turn loose.
  • Sometimes when you clean these carpets you will find that you have to restore Persian rugs before you proceed. You might find a small tear in the rug that needs restoration before it becomes a large problem.
  • When you are going to restore Persian rugs remember that you can probably fix small tears, and you can often fix problems with the edging, but for major repairs you should contact a professional and get the repairs done.



If you are looking for more information about washing Persian rugs and resting them, You can contact OLDCARPET at Orange County, California.