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Khamseh Persian Rugs Properties:

Visibility: The rugs from KHAMSEH have tribal patterns, with geometric forms and sharp edges. They are beautiful and go readily with any interior. Geometric animal and bird drawings are also common features and are used both as part of the repeated patterns and as filler ornaments. The borders of KHAMSEH rugs include many highly developed floral designs. As in many other nomad rugs, multiple borders are a sign of later weavings.

Quality:  The quality of rugs from the KHAMSEH confederacy is excellent, You should be aware that there is another KHAMSEH, a small village near HAMEDAN. Many beginner rug collectors are fooled into purchasing rugs from KHAMSEH of HAMEDAN that are of very low quality compared to those of the KHAMSEH confederacy.

Size & Shapes: KHAMSEH confederacy rugs are usually small (2 x 3 to 4 x 6 feet) except runners. Production also includes many different sizes of bags, the best known of which are the double saddle-bags.

Color: Dark red, brown, pink and dark blue are the main colors in rugs and runners from KHAMSEH.

Texture: Wool; tight pile.

Foundation: Warp and weft are mostly wool.

Knots:  Weavers in the KHAMSEH confederacy use Turkish knots. You should check the back of the carpet because the quality of the carpet depends upon the number of knots, which varies, but averages around 120KPSI(30 RAJ).

Price:  KHAMSEH confederacy rugs and runners are among the finest quality tribal rugs. Expect to pay $5-$11 Per Square Foot (PSF) for a carpet from the KHAMSEH confederacy.


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Typical Khamseh Rugs

Typical Khamseh Qashqai Rugs

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Where are QASHQAI Tribes living in IRAN ?

Southern IRAN - Qashqai Tribe

Similar to the AFSHARI, the Qashqai are a nomadic tribe living in the Fars area that have Turkish ancestry.

They are thought to have migrated into the area in the 16th century from Azerbaijan, and their Turkish dialect is most strongly related to that of the tribes inhabiting that region.

Adjacent to the Qashqai, in the eastern Fars area, are the tribes of the KHAMSEH federation who are believed to have inhabited the area from the 13th century onward. The carpets of the Qashqa'i are the best known and, in general, the most beautiful of the area.

he history of the tribes is reflected in the resemblance of the carpet patterns to those of northwest Persia and the southeast Caucasus.

Khamseh Qashqai Weaver Rugs
Khamseh Qashqai Weaver Rugs
South IRAN
Khamseh Qashqai Weaver Rugs
Khamseh Qashqai Weaver Rugs
South IRAN