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Foundation of Rugs & Carpets:

The Foundation of rugs and carpets is an important factor determining quality and visage. Usually weft and warp are known together as the foundation.

Wefts: the horizontal threads usually made by cotton, wool or silk. The color of the weft is not related to the color of the rug. Weft is visible only on the back of the rug.

Warps: the vertical threads usually made by cotton, wool or silk. The warp of the finished rug creates the fringe. We should also mention, however, that weavers sometimes add fringe as an extra material to the ends of the rug.

Pile: the face of the rug. Pile is always produced by many knots of wool or silk. The weavers use their skill to tighten them as much as possible to create a masterpiece rug or carpet.

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