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QUCHAN(Ghoochan) Persian Rugs Properties:

Visibility: Quchan rugs and carpets usually have geometric patterns. There are lots of similarity with other Kurdish rugs from the east of IRAN. There should be considering the influence of Turkmen rugs in Quchan rugs and carpets patterns.

Quality: The quality of Quchan rugs and carpets are good.

Size & Shapes: Quchan rugs and carpets have different sizes and the majority of them are mid size (4x6 to 8x10 feet).

Color: The main colors are dark burgundy,indigo,ivory and light green

Texture:  Wool; thin, very well textured pile.

Foundation: Warps are mostly cotton,wefts either cotton or wool.

Knots: Inspection of the back of the carpet is important because the weavers in Quchan use both Persian and Turkish knots. The numbers of knots vary, depending on the quality of the carpet, which usually averages around 120 KPSI (30 RAJ).

Price: Prepare yourself to pay$7-$15 Per Square Feet (PSF) for a very prized and beautiful rug from Quchan. Keep in mind that you will also pay more as the number of the KPSI increase.


Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value 

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Typical Quchan Rugs

Typical Quchan Persian Rugs

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  1. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    5" 0' x 6" 7'

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price: $709.75

  2. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    4" 10' x 6" 10'

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price: $709.75

  3. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    3' 7" x 10' 6"

    Regular Price: $1,240.00

    Special Price: $1,054.00

  4. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    10' 0" x 15' 9"

    Regular Price: $6,800.00

    Special Price: $5,780.00

  5. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    4' 5" x 6' 4"

    Regular Price: $1,340.00

    Special Price: $1,139.00

  6. Abadeh Persian Rug

    Abadeh Persian Rug
    3' 11" x 5' 11"

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price: $845.75

6 Item(s) Show per page

Where is QUCHAN?

Northeast IRAN - QUCHAN

QUCHAN(QOUCHAN,GHOOCHAN) city has about 807 kilometers from TEHRAN and 150 kilometers from MASHAD. Its climate, due to existence of Hezar Masjed, Aladagh and Shah Jahan heights, is moderate in summer and cold in .In medieval ages, QUCHAN(QOUCHAN,GHOOCHAN) was famous as "Khabooshan" and "Khoojan".

This city was rebuilt in the time of Holakookhan. Shah Abbas the First transferred Kord warriors to this region for preventing Ozbaks and Turkmen attacks.

In the year 1791 AD., Nader Shah was killed in "Tapeh Nader" (Nader's hill) close to this city. Its historical sites mostly belong to 12th century AD.

Important natural, historical and religious monuments of this city are as follows:

  • Ghoochan Gheshmeh Garmab (hot mineral water spring)
  • Ableh and Bardeh Rostam caves
  • Recreational areas around the city

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